Major general Perovsky answering question about the airport  [though previous time he wrote on forum he explained that now he has another mission and Givi is in charge of military operation there]:

"For now I know not any more than You — I have just returned from the reconnaissance - creatively and with enthusiasm I am preparing GRANDIOSE bad surprise for ukrs. I can’t tell exactly how much time will it take, but all previous operations will appear childish pranks next to this one :pogranichnik:

Also he has promised to release footage of this surprise, told that they have even bought camera glasses exactly for this case.

Concerning volunteers from Russia and aid: Russian side doesn’t let them cross the border.

There were also comments answering on love confessions from women on forum, but that’s not interesting

Знаю пока не больше Вас- только что вернулся с рекогносцировки- творчески и с энтузиазмом готовлю украм ГРАНДИОЗНУЮ гадость.Не могу сказать сколько именно времени она займет.но все прошлые спецоперации покажутся детскими шалостями 

About the airport. 

There’s info that UA govt wanted to trade airport for positions around Mariupol — militias left them, after that UA govt attempted to trade airport one more time for positions around Novoazovsk.

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