2 buses with civilians were evacuated from Yasinovataya which is shelled by UA govt artillery all the time to Donetsk, which is also shelled by UA govt artillery, but situation is better a bit there, the same was during fights in Shakhtyorsk, because of fights on roads instead of being evacuated to totally safe places people have to go to just less dangerous, but still dangerous. 

governmentname ответил(a) на ваш пост “Vasyl Budik (the one who was “shot” by Bezler, he’s now the adviser of…”

whats the deal with bezler? seems a bit crazy.

Bezler attempted to exchange Budik and 7 (later 9) more officers on one woman — wife of one of his men. Everything was almost done when UA broke the agreement and cancelled everything, so Bezler shot fake execution of Budik and SSU officer. Few days later Budik gave interview where told how UA refused to exchange him and everything and officers were just released as gesture of good will. 

Later Budik was released as well, but there her told that Bezler tortured him, broke his knees (though he seem to walk rather fine for this) and everything. 

Btw more than a month later they managed to exchange their captives for this militia’s wife. 

And now Budik is adviser in ministry of defense. And before everything he was recruiting soldiers for Right Sector, worked with Yarosh, fought in 08/08/08 conflict against Russia (he has Georgian citizenship btw).

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