"I will never apologize for the United States — I don’t care what the facts are… I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy." — George H. W. Bush as Vice-president, during a presidential campaign function (2 Aug 1988), commenting on the Navy warship USS Vincennes having shot down Iran Air Flight 655 in a commercial air corridor on July 3, killing 290 civilians, as quoted in “Perspectives”, the quote of the week section of Newsweek (15 August 1988)

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Again fake about marauders. 
Again using deaths of innocent people on MH17 for propaganda. 

Militia didn’t steal anything, they gather all things and keep them guarded. In fact there’s brutal law there for marauders. If proved — they get shot, unless they have mitigating circumstances like having family and losing everything because of war — then they’re just sent to the frontlines to dig the trenches. There were some articles about it in western media I heard.  So even if people there are GREEDY ANIMALS as CERTAIN SOMEONE wants you to think of them, their commanders do control everything. 

Only this time the man who posted tha fake (in fact he just made screenshots from originial video shown in this video, so he knew what he was doing, that he was lying) is priest of  Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate. Generally UA church is involved in politics a lot, unlike Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate which is original church here, and UOCKP separated in 1992 because someone didn’t get the post he wanted in orthodox church. I remember how UOCKP priests stood on Euromaidan stage and were like “YEAH! FIGHT MORE!” while UOCMP prisets stood and prayed between radicals and the police. 

I could keep not making point about it, but after these fakes it’s too much really. All they do is incite hatred and play in politics and after that they keep saying that they are “attacked” by “pro-russian” christians who go in UOCMP churches only because they’re of Kyiv Patriarchate. 

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Yes thank god!!

Like Stalin said “it doesn’t matter how people voted, how votes are count does”. Somewhat the same here. Militias handed over the black boxes, now everything depends on investigation, and I really hope that people would be really looking for truth and proper fair investigation will be done, instead of games and trading deaths of these people to justify more deaths in Donetsk and Luhansk republics as it has been so far.

Apparently no one on the UNSC is interested in investigation and looking for the real criminals. 

Locals, DPR asked international experts to start working 2 days ago when they arrived to Kyiv but waited for 2 more days to arrive at crash site, despite that militias asked them to hurry, let OSCE and jorunalists at the site. 

But FOR SOME REASON they waited for two days, meanwhile propaganda lied about marauders, about rebels not letting OSCE observers at the site and everything. Naturally after 4 days pause investigation can’t be done properly. And no one wants it to be done so. 

While DPR asks for investigation, guys in US, its satellites want to trade ‘investigation’. Or they want their own “right” investigation like “we came at the site 4 days later, because we sat in Kyiv doing nothing for 2 days, and nothing can be determined, it’s all rebels fault apparently they’re responsible for everything”. Or they want it, but can’t because someone else has proofs of opposite they can’t destroy and not they have to trade.

And I’ve seen enough of using tragedy to lie in propagnda, to justify more deaths of innocent people in Donetsk and Luhansk republics so not really surprised with such “will to find the truth”

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