"US and FRG call on Russia to disarm protesters in eastern Ukraine" 

Are they f#cking nuts? Do they realize that regions in question are a part of Ukraine not Russia  ? Or they’re suggesting to send russians troops here? Or they’re implying that people there are all russian agents? 

Okay, they’re trying to say that everything in Ukraine’s fine, people there don’t really protest against anything they are kremlin agents, ok. How can it solve the problem when it’s clearly not truth? Ukrainian army keeps killing own citizens, but it makes people only more angry and instead of negotiations they support (or they were the ones who came up with this idea in first place?) this bullsh#t about russian agents instead of ukrainians.  And were there russians I guess our brave government would sit still instead of killing people everyday. And it’s not fights, it’s not armed confrontation, people stand attempting to stop special forces or armour or military unit and get killed evey day by own army ( actually some say that it’s right sector/national guard )..

And how those idiots boast on their FB pages and in mass media, posting reports about another ukrainian citizen killed during anti-protest operation.

Government forces shooting locals who were attempting to stop vehicles used in anti-protest operation in eastern Ukraine. 

They have some weird camouflage, most likely these are not army, but right sector/ national guard.  

By the way, according to government it’s brave ukrainian  patriotic soldier shooting dangerous russian gru spetsnaz saboteur. And guys who refused to shoot unarmed people were declared cowards and traitors.

So he’s kinda doing a warning shot, but not in the air, but right near man’s head, and if you recall wounds that one of the murdered protesters at the another  checkpoint had - neck, ear, face.

Where’s EU now? Why are they supporting this? ‘Separatists’, federalists, pro-russians, doesn’t matter, these people don’t attack anyone with firerams or molotov cocktails, like Right Sector did (putting in danger euromaidan rally in first place and as it turned out it was their purpose at that period from the start) why they send army against people, taking revenge for Crimea by attacking own citizens using army? Even gathering artillery around own cities, assault planes and helis buzzing over crowds of protesters.Trying to create an image of strong government that would please some nationalists with some sick distorted ideas about ukrainain people and some neo-nazis who always dispised eastern ukrainians. Playing ‘empire’ again, as they attempted before Crimea. Even without russian intervention and support this is dangereous situation that might end up with dissappearing of Ukraine as it is now.  

There’s no justice, no adequacy, no objectivety. 

Government forces attacked protesters’ checkpoint near Slovyansk, there was shooting, at least one protester dead, army used APCs and other armoured vehicles. Civilian shot dead, he had several injuries - neck, face, ear. 

Assault helicopters buzzing over the city again. 

And the way government speaks about it “Pro-russian forces checkpoint has been destroyed!”. They killed at least their own fellow citizen there, fight own people, great victory guys. Killing protesters who can’t accept everything that’s happening with country who aren’t happy with armed neonazis becoming uncontrolled power, corruption, oligarchy in government definetly will solve all the problems. And if not, everything can be pinned on russia, right? Especially when killing own citizens calling them russian spies.

Btw, Lavrov’s press-conference after negotiations in Geneva indicates that russians don’t have much to do with protests in eastern Ukraine, those people aren’t kremlin agents, russians soldiers or anything like that. In fact russians don’t even support them, Lavrov said exactly what Kyiv government wanted to hear: he didn’t speak about federalization, he called protesters to give up and release all captured buildings, police and army that joined protest to lay down their arms, he talked about amnistion but only for those who “haven’t commited serious crimes” but ukrainian government declares anti-government protesters terrorists or separatists and it’s a serious crime, about 8-10 years in jail for participating in ‘separatist’ rally, not to speak of terrorism, and he also said that Russia won’t send it’s army to support protesters. The only way russians ‘support’ these protest is their words, nothing official, nothing like sending troops to Ukraine. 

I wonder is that because they don’t want to be accused of double standarts if something like these protests will happen in Russia, or because US pressed on them. 

Anyway when ukrainian government cries about russians invading them it’s a lie and looks pathetic attempts to justify use of army and right sector radicals to suppress protesters who act the same way as ones who brought govenrment to power did, only against this government . And people keep getting killed by government forces and radicals.

Ukrainian parlament allowed not to prove “commonly known” details of the case at court. 

Nuff said. 
More arrested protesters, opposition politicians and later this will be used by oligarchy (= mafia) due to corruption of our juridical system,  for example to deal with rivals

Pro-government rally is planned today in Luhansk, people supporting government (Luhansk citizens and people from other regions as well) are planning to march near SSU builing controlled by anti-government protesters.  

The same in Donetsk.

Government snipers were spotted in Luhansk last week. Knowing methods of people who control the country now, I am afraid this might end up with another sniper shooting, bloodshed, dozens of victims to justify another stage of military anti-protest operation. 

Yesterday in Mariupol unknown people in masks provoked fight between protesters who held a rally near military unit  to prevent sending army forces against protesters in other cities  and soldiers of that military unit, it ended up with shooting, several people killed and anti-protest operation by the police and SSU, the quarter near military unit is still blocked.  

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